Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hi Everyone,

As you can clearly see, I have been making some changes around here :) I'm looking for your opinions on them. Let's go for a little tour.

Over on the right, I have added a few "gadgets" (techinical blog term). Under the archives, is Julie and Reg's baby countdown. I'm counting it down because I get to be there for the birth!!

Under that gadget, is the live traffic feed gadget. So now I know that lot's of somebody's are browsing around my blog, but I still don't know who??? (If you left me a comment occasionally, I would know you were here!).

Under that, is the "Other Blogs I Visit" gadget. I love to visit all sorts of blogs all the time. If I have a free moment, that's usually what you will find me doing (oh AND shopping on kijiji - I heart good deals ). At this point I am not going to post ALL of the blogs I visit, only the special ones. The link there (This is Where I Belong), is for cousin Leanne's blog.

Finally, at the bottom, we have a "Followers" Gadget. Here you can follow my blog! If you want the details on what this is and how to do it, click here.

I have also changed the font and background. I think it's really pretty, but I'm not sure it's so easy to read? This is where you come in :) Leave me a comment (if you don't remember how how to do that, click here - at the bottom of this post, I gave a small lesson on commenting).

At the very least, I have given you 3 options to click. Funny, cool, sweet. I only have 3 options, but if you'd like a different one, let me know! These are beside the "comment" spot. Click on the little white box.

I won't hold my breath, but I will look forward to hearing your opinions :)


1 comment:

Leanne Grenier said...

Love the new look. I am going to have to work on mine too. Voting buttons. Cool!!!
I can read this much better than the last one, green I think it was before. And the font is large on my computer. Great.
Thanks for including my blog. I am crazy addicted to it now. So fun.