Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Are you collecting your Nickels?

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The time is here......Julie is collecting all of the Nickels on March 18 (Blake's birthday). Anybody who has money to donate to the children's hospital......let me know.


Welcome to the world, Justice!

Justice Reanne Deere, 7lbs 4 oz born @ 2:30am on February 26, 2008.

I posted back in the summer that Digger and Denise were expecting. Well she's here..... Here are some pics..

The happy little family...

Sweet baby girl. 4 days old.

Don'tchya just love sleeping babies?

Mom and baby are doing very well. The start was a little rough, as Justice had fluid on her lungs, and doc's were afraid she may have pneumonia. They kept her NICU for the first couple of days, but everything cleared up and they are now home. Healthy and Happy! Congrats Guys! You have received quite a little gift!


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

Hi All!

Well, there has been lot's of hockey, some hockey is over, but never fear, I've learned there will always be more hockey.

Kolt finished up his season with a tournament in Calgary this past weekend. He had a fantastic year. He went from a kid who leaned on his stick to stay upright in the beginning, to one of the top kids on the team. He is very talented, and very skillful. Not that I'm surprised by that, the very first time he walked on his own, he walked clear across my house. That's just his personality; study it, study it, gather all of the details, then just go do it. He really made it look easy. My Jake crashed, banged, and fell all over the place trying to get the puck in the net the first year. He didn't ever care how it looked, or if it might hurt, he just went 100 miles an hour all the time. Not Kolt, he's very careful, and doesn't necessarily care how often he puts the puck in, but heaven forbid he should get hurt, or not do it correctly -- he can hardly get a hold of himself when that happens. He's very hard on himself -- but when things are going well for him, he is the happiest looking kid out there.

Jake had an absolutely outstanding year! He overcame many obstacles, worked hard, practiced hard, and played hard. His last few games have been incredible. Their team won all their games this season (with the exception of one tied game) heading into playoffs. They won the first round of playoffs, but lost the final game today. It was a great game, they had it tied at 3:3, and the other team scored on a break-a-way with 30 seconds left in the 3rd period. It's really surprising how intense a game of 7 & 8 year olds can be! We have 2 tournaments to play in March, and then that's it for this team.

I briefly mentioned in my last post that Jake got picked to play Spring hockey this year. Spring hockey runs from April to the end of June. It costs $1000 to put him in it. Clearly, its a pretty big commitment. We actually hummed and hawed as to whether we would do it in the beginning. It's an honor to play, as they scout the kids from Southern Alberta to try to get the best team possible. They play with kids that are all the same age, so each birth year has it's own team. My biggest concern, was that I didn't want to burn him out. He loves hockey sooo much, I'd hate for him to lose his passion. When the coach approached us, I asked him what the advantage to playing would be, he told me what they will learn, will be amazing - so we decided to do it.

Soon after we registered and payed our fees, the coach emailed me asking if I wanted to be the team manager. So I accepted, and it looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me. When I browsed the league's website, I noticed that they had a new logo contest running. Whoever won the logo contest, got their registration fees waived for this year. So I thought, hmmmmm, $1000 to design a logo eh? Not too shabby. Jake and I got busy looking at different logos on the internet to find some ideas. We decided that we liked the circle logos, and that it needed some stars on it. I spent some time designing it and came up with this:

We just got the call this week that we won the contest! That's kinda fun! There are around 20 different teams, and they will do quite a bit of traveling. They will all be wearing jersey's with that logo on them. A pretty proud moment for me!

Well, I think that catches us up on most of the hockey news for now. Lot's of success's, improvements and learning this season. We have become good friends with many of the families off of our teams. It's sad to move on, as we will inevitably be going in different directions. One thing for sure; I'll always remember this year with a smile. I guess that's what it's all about...


Kolt turns 6.....

I'm really late posting this, I'm sorry. I just haven't taken the time to sit down and do it. Better late than never though right?

We had a skating party for Kolt out at the farm. It was really cold that day. We actually had to postpone it for 2 days trying to get a day that was at least decent - which we didn't. The day turned out nicer than our originally planned day, weather wise, but it was still really, really cold. Nonetheless, the kids had a great time. There were 20 kids, so it was really busy. I didn't get very many are just a few.

His cake was really cool. The little zamboni on top of it wound up, and drove around the ice.

He was sooo spoiled with gifts. Lucky guy got so many things, it took him a week to get through them all. He likes to open one and play with it for a while. Then he'll go and choose another and play with it for a while until they are all gone. Have I mentioned he is the perfect child before :)

As many of you know, I planned a surprise trip to Vegas for Brian's 30th birthday. He knew that we were going on a trip, cuz he walked in the house when I was booking it. He didn't know where, when or with whom we were going. We had to get up at 4:00 a.m. to catch our flight. When I woke him up, I said, "kay, it's time to go". He looked at me with sleepy eyes and said, "Now? Seriously?" I nodded, and he got up. About 15 minutes later, we were in the cab on our way to the airport with Jason and Sabrina.

We had sooo much fun! We played about as hard as I've ever played before in my life. We hardly gambled because we couldn't seem to stay in one spot long enough. We barely slept, yet I'm sure I wasn't any more tired when we got home than I was before we left. It was an excellent mental break! We laughed long and hard all the time. My stomach muscles were sore for days after we got home from all the laughing. Jason and Sabrina were perfect to travel with. Very easy going, and agreeable. Jason and Brian golfed in the days while Sabrina and I shopped in the outlet malls. It was beautiful t-shirt and shorts weather. It was a great time for sure. I never hardly took a picture, it was too fun to worry about carrying my camera. Jason carried his for the first few days, so there are a few pics for memories.

The first one, is one of the 4 of us (Brian and I on the left, Sabrina and Jason on the right). I believe this was at the Shadow Dancers Bar. The one below is at the airport on the way home, Brian "needing" a wheelchair now that he was over 30 ;)

All in all, I'd say we did Vegas the way Vegas is supposed to be done. We didn't hardly miss a thing, and yet all the memories are pretty fuzzy :)

Somewhere in this month was my birthday, and our 9th wedding anniversary. 9 years already. How did that go so fast? What amazes me is that the longer you are married, the better it gets. I love being married to Brian. Every year is better than the last. I know it's not that way for everyone. I'm so grateful I am one of the lucky ones.

Ever heard this quote?

Don't go for looks; they can deceive.

Don't go for wealth; even that fades away.

Go for someone who makes you smile

Because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.

Find the one that makes your heart smile.

I did.