Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The Hallowe'en pictures have finally arrived. I didn't get many great ones. The boys had hockey until 6:30, so after getting back home and having supper, we never even went out until 7:30. Makes for a pretty fast picture and trick or treat session.

All went well. It took about 3 houses for Drew to catch on. She politely stood at the door, until she got her candy, then bailed. She ran as fast away from the houses as she did to them. Have I mentioned how darn cute she is?

Drew was a leopard, Kolt a sinster devil, and Jake was a ninja.

A quick update on Dex. He is not all better yet. He's not really sick or in pain, he's just not better. He's had a couple more bouts of colic, a horseshoe nail in the foot, and some swelling on his belly and legs. He is certainly not out of the woods. We are at least having more good days than bad days, and no new ailments have popped up lately. A holistic animal vet is coming to see him on Sunday. He has studied acupuncture on animals for 14 years - hopefully he will come up with something profound! Here is a picture of Drew and Dex, he loves the kids. They have had much time to bond these last few weeks, as we have been out to see him once or twice almost every day.

Alright, that's it for now. Jake has a game at 2:00 at the Plainsmen this Saturday for any of you who would like to come and watch. He scored 2 goals last Sunday at his game. The coach told him they are gonna have to watch out for him next year....he thought that was pretty cool. And at the end of his game on Sunday when the coach asked all of the kids what the best part of the game was, Jake replied that they put lot's of heart into it. What a cool answer. He's such a cool kid
Kolt starts games the end of the month. He told me he's gonna be a superstar. Now I'm gonna have 2 Superstars and a Rockstar. Whatever will we do with all of this stardom?

Hope all is well wherever you are. As always, I'd love for you to leave some comments to let me know you were here.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hawaii Scrapbook

Here are some of my favorite pics from Hawaii. This picture was from brunch the first morning. The view was amazing. It was a beautiful morning. Uncharacteristically beautiful, we heard. Apparently, mornings can be a little rainy and cool (yeah, cuz they know the meaning of 'cool' in Hawaii, haha). This morning, and actually most mornings, were beautiful.

We stayed at "The Cliff's at Princeville", this next picture was just a hop, skip and a jump away from our room. We are overlooking the ocean (yes, that is the large body of water you see in the distance), off of the cliff's just out our back door. This is Corina and I (we went with Shane and Corina, friends we made off Jake's hockey team last year).

Brian and Shane (well, mostly Brian) couldn't WAIT to go surfing. So they rented surf boards for the week. Hunted down some waves that met their approval. Posed for a picture (below), and swam off into the distance. The far off distance.

They swam, and swam, and swam to get to the waves. Apparently, it is quite easy to under estimate the distance when looking into a large body of water.

Now, you have to understand, that neither of our knights, actually knew how to surf. So you can imagine them, and how tired they were when they actually met their destination. They battled the waves, and Brian battled the coral. Shortly after they finally got out there, all of the other surfers started swimming in. Brian and Shane still had some staying power, so they battled a little longer. When they finally had enough, they battled the rip tide all the way back in. (The rip tide is the current that moves water back to the ocean. Apparently, you have to swim about 30 feet parallel to shore to get out of it. Of course, neither of them knew that, so they had to swim against the current all the way back in.) This is a picture of Brian, after fighting, and winning his battle with the ocean.

And this is the picture of Brian's foot, after the battle with the coral. The coral went unscathed.

That wasn't the end of the surfing. That was just the beginning. I don't think I have laughed that hard or long at someone......ever. Not that Brian and Shane weren't laughing too, once they got their barings they could see the humor. I saw the best crashes, flailing ragdolls, unintended flips, and general ass kicking handed out to our guys, by the ocean. One wave actually stripped Shane's shirt right off! I laugh just thinking of it. I can't believe I didn't get my video camera out, but sadly, I don't have one crash on video.

These are just some pictures of Brian and Shane, still planning and discussing the waves a few days later. Brian had just come in from some surfing. Shane was beginning to be played out by this time I think, notice how relaxed he is here on the beach, and still totally dry.

I did catch a clip of Brian surfing at his lesson, this is it.

We rented this car for a few days. It was awesome. Loved being able to tan while driving around :)

This was one of many roads that were enclosed by trees. I took this picture while we were driving.

This was at dinner the night before we left.

This was Shane and Corina at dinner the night before we left.

And that's all. Hope you enjoyed.....Hallowe'en pictures are still forthcoming. Stay tuned