Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Hi Everyone

I'm back from houseboating!! What a great trip we had. What a great bunch of girls! Here's a pic of the girls (minus the one taking the pic) on our boat "Richard's Dream". We dubbed it "Dick's dream" - seemed suitable for a stagette! We did lot's of relaxing and tanning (some of us did some burning while everyone else wore sunscreen). I missed the kids and Brian, but not too much (like I usually do). They did great. The biggest hang up Brian had was doing Drew's hair - but it sounds like that even turned out successfully!

Left to Right in Picture: Ceclie (Trish's mom), Heather (Mike [Trish's fiancee]'s sister, Trish, Susan, Me, Jenny [Mike's other sister], Lara and Judy.

Take care everyone. Oh and while we're at it - why don't you post to the comments while you're here. Then I know that all my postings haven't been in vain.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kolt's Graduation

Here's the pics from Kolt's preschool graduation. How adorable was he?

Friday morning I leave for 3 days to go houseboating with "the girls". It's Trish's stagette. Sounds like a great time but I'm not sure how well I will do with only myself to look after. I have become very low maintenance compared to all who I look after on a daily basis. It'll still be fun - just pretty low key compared to what I'm used to.

The big concern seems to be who I am leaving the kids with. They will be with Brian. (I'm sure his mom and mine will get to spend some "quality time" with them too!) We will all be fine, just a little out of routine. (Do I sound convinced??)

I'll be back monday with some pics from the trip. Have a great weekend everyone!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One of Jake's goals

I'm not sure if I've done this right. Jake is number 32. In the beginning of the clip I zoom right in on him - he is at the back. I'm so proud of how well he played.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day

Well, Brian got home from his 4 day golf trip on Father's day. It was a really crazy weekend. Jake had a lacrosse tourney (he scored 4 goals at), the kids had 2 birthday parties, it was my dad's birthday etc, etc. We never made it to everywhere we had to go.

Jake scored 30 goals this lacrosse season. What a little man he was. He's just turned into such a cool kid, in so many different ways. He worked his butt off out there.

Kolt had preschool graduation today. Boy oh boy did he ever look big! Off to kindergarten next year - and if all goes well, he's going to get to take the bus. Jake is quite envious to say the least.

Just wanted to leave the pics we had done for Brian for Father's day. They turned out so cute. Good looking kids if I may say so myself!

I will try and get some pics posted from Lacrosse and grad.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Hi Everyone,

I've been inspired! I want to start a blog about our family! For all of you who know us - I know what you are thinking, Jodi totally doesn't have the time to be doing this. But I want to. I thought I'll start it and see what happens!
Hopefully we will be able to keep all friends and family informed with what's happening in our lives. Who knows? With any luck, this blog could be a real time saver. This way I can brag about us and our kids - and I'll only have to do it one time. Perfect! (Except we all know - one time probably won't be enough!)
Now i just need to figure out how to put pictures on here off of my camera phone......