Monday, November 2, 2009

Hallowe'en at Preschool and Trick or treats

Hi All

Drew had her Hallowe'en party at preschool last week. This year they changed it from a costume party to Orange and Black Day. I know not everybody celebrates Hallowe'en, but it was sad. The little people in their costumes are the cutest and always the ones I enjoy the most! I took some video. They sang a little Hallowe'en song and then took turns whacking the pinata.

You can't see very well in the video, and the lighting is really bad. But you can see what a performer she is. She gets right into all of the actions. It's soo cute!

I took the picture above because it is so funny how much bigger Drew is than everyone else in her class! She's the one in black in the middle of the line that is a "whole head plus some" taller than the little peanut beside her. I have included steriods into my children's diet to be sure they are big and strong - guess it's working ;)

Jake and Kolt got turns at the pinata as well. I wasn't prepared with my camera to get video of Kolt, because he went first, so he just got a picture..

Jake got a video. Isn't he impressive hitting that preschool pinata ;)

Here are the kids in their costumes... Drew had 2 costumes this year because she bought hers so early and lost her enthusiasm about it (shouldn't I know better by now?). So when we went to buy Kolts costume (he was a ninja), I saw a pink unicorn costume that was sooo cute. So I suggested it to her, and she wanted it. She came home and tried it on. I never saw it on her, but Kolt thought it was so cute, he laughed. That was the end of the unicorn. She couldn't deal with Kolty laughing at her, and went back to being a witch. Jeepers, girls are so much more tempramental! My boys thrive on being laughed at!

Here's the pics....

Isn't this a fabulous make-up artistry job on Jake? I do amaze myself as I find all of my hidden talents :)

Julie wasn't completely in favor of me taking this picture. But she came around. Geez Jake, you don't look like such a tough hockey player in Aunties arms...

That was it for the Hallowe'en festivities. The boys had a sleepover at Momma's at the end, and Drew came home with her Mommy. I love that she still wants to be with me most of the time. She crashed on the way home. She was tired from all the excitement, but at least we were together - Brian was at the Flames game.
Have I even mentioned hockey lately? Gonna have to update you soon, but there isn't much to say, still going well. My boys are both still superstars :)

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Anonymous said...

My goodness Jod, Drew is towering over those kids!! It would be interesting to see the comparison of Austin and Russel's height to her....since it's been a while I'm sure!! :)

Great Halloween costumes bad we missed ya that night!