Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sprinkler Day

We had a sprinkler day a couple of days ago. It has just been so hot. Drew doesn't do well in the heat, she over heats really quickly, so I thought it would be fun to cool her off that way. Here is the video of her first time trying to run through. You can hear her laughing at the beginning of the clip - I love baby laughs! She never really ran through the sprinkler on her own. She was very girly screaming the whole way through - it was perfect!

And here is the video of Kolt at Discovery Canyon I promised a few days ago. What a neat place..... Good news... I remembered how to post the video this time the first time I did it!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Catch Up

What a busy week!! Rafting down the river was quite an experience I'll tell ya! Our little 3 hour raft trip turned into 6-1/2 hours. Apparently when you have a headwind stronger than the current, it actually can more than double your time - who knew? There were times when captain Greg (Brian's brother) quit rowing, that we actually floated backwards against the current! Poor Guy had blisters on his hands after. It was an adventure, down on the river, no cell phone service, not one other person in site. This first picture of captain Greg, was in the beginning. Cool looking white guy, out rafting with 4 of us Girls.

This is captain Greg at the end of the trip. Totally covered up because cool looking white guy had turned into slightly cranky looking lobster man. He had been desperately smearing on sunscreen for about the last 2 hours before we finally told him to give it up and put on a visor (hahaha!) and cover up with a towel (that totally looked like a dress - hahaha!) What a day!

Man, are we surrounded by love lately. This weekend was our 4th and final wedding of July (we didn't actually make it to one of them - it overlapped Jake's hockey camp). This time it was my cousin Daylene's wedding. It was outdoor at her Mom & Dad's place. We wish them well as they looked very happy together. We did snap a picture of my whole family though - looking quite dapper I must say. New guy on the right is Julie's boyfriend Reg.

(LtoR: Brian, Drew, Me, Mom, Dad, Julie (sister), Reg (Julie's beau), and of course Kolt & Jake in front)

Friday night was the Nickelback concert. We had so much fun! What a show they put on. We've been before, but I think this time they were better - which is saying something. The lead singer is from Hanna Alberta. They were fantastic! I'm leaving you with a video clip of a song of theirs they raised over $500,000 with, for Amnesty International. I love it when influential people do their part for making the world a better place. They can do so much good, so quickly. Very admirable! They had this video playing on the screen as they sang the song.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Discovery Canyon

While we were gone last week we found a little spot in Red Deer called Discovery Canyon. The water was warm (so was the day - 32•C). We could only stay for a couple of hours, but we had a great time. The kids loved it. I've got a video of Kolt tubing I will post later (when I figure out how to do it again, hahaha!) but for now you can see the pics.

Brian and Drew having a mud fight.

Drew being cute!

Jake with his tube

Brian and Drew trying to tube

A cold Kolt sunning himself on a rock

I'm going on a 5 hour raft ride down the Red Deer River today, i'ts supposed to be real hot out! We've got beer and snacks, water and sun, and no kids! I'd be jealous if I were you! This is the recipe for a perfect day!

Be back tomorrow with more pics and hopefully a video.



Wednesday, July 25, 2007

G'monin you widdle wascal

(click on the pic to see it larger)

"G'monin you widdle wascal". That is what Kolt said to Drew this morning. Good morning you little rascal. It was so sweet. Where do they come up with these things? And the way he talks....far too cute! One of those moments I wish I'd had on camera.

This is what the kids have spent most of their time doing when we are home. Jake is on the little quad and he pulls Drew and Kolt in the wagon. Jake mostly drives the quad but Kolt takes a few turns driving too. Drew will stay in there for hours (it's the best thing ever!)

See those flowers behind them? They were beautiful until the hail got to them last night - not so beautiful anymore.....

No, we have not moved out to the farm yet for those who are wondering. We did get a new holiday trailer, and we are mostly living in it out at the farm. It has air conditioning, it has saved us on these dog days of summer I'll tell ya. Can't wait to move out there - we have so enjoyed all of the space. I'm afraid we are quite a long ways away from moving - ....renovations.... (sigh).

Still have lot's of posts from the last week or more. I just wanted to put in what Kolt said before I forgot.



Monday, July 23, 2007


Just wanted to say Hello! We're back! I got some really great pics this week - I have lot's to post. I will try and spread it out over a few days for all of you all. In the meantime, for those of you that are interested, here's the link that has Trish's slideshow of wedding pics. (I'm in one of the pics on the rocks in front of the lake with her). This photographer is amazing!! If nothing else it is worth going just to see the pictures she takes - exceptionally talented lady.


Drew won't let me sit here any longer - enjoy the slideshow - many more pics to come!!!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Walking down the aisle

Here they are - the little darlings! The clip cuts off at the end because Drew was about to bolt and mom had to come to the rescue - it's short, it's sweet and you'll get the picture. Sorry it took so long to post, being a mom of 3, I have to re-learn how to post a video everytime I do it (I think I used to make fun of my mom for that!).


Monday, July 9, 2007

Jake and Drew

Reagan, Kolt, Jake and Drew

Barry and Haley

Barry and Haley finally tied the knot.

Brian's little brother got married on Saturday. My boys were the ring bearers, and Drew was one of the flower girls. The other flower girl was my niece Reagan (Greg and Lisa's daughter). They did a fantastic job. I didn't get many great pictures - it was a very busy day. Hopefully the photographer got some good ones!

I was the MC for the reception. It actually turned out really good (They even laughed when I made a joke - phew!). It was a really fun night. I heard from a few people it was probably one of the best wedding receptions they had been to. It was upbeat, there were some good laughs, and all the speech's were short and in good taste.

I'll try and get the video posted of the kids coming down the isle too.

The Giles side is having a get together in honour of Daylene's (my cousin) upcoming wedding this Wednesday, and Brian and I are off to our good friends Mike and Trish's wedding at Emerald Lake Lodge this coming weekend. Next week is Jake's hockey camp in Sylvan Lake. There won't be any stampeding for me this year :(


P.S. You can click on the pictures to see it bigger if you like.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Mutton Bustin'

Alright, for those of you that have checked the blog, thankyou. Hopefully I will get the clip to load.....here's hoping.

Kolt did the mutton bustin' at the Rodeo on July 1st. He didn't exactly make the 8 seconds - but it's really cute. He didn't care. He said that he will do it again when he is 6. He is planning on doing everything when he is 6. I guess that's when he thinks life starts. He's sure gonna be busy next year

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