Monday, November 9, 2009

Explosive Edge is Open for Business

Hi Everyone,

Well, after 1-1/2 years of planning, building, preparing, talking, and negotiating. the hockey training facility at our place is open!! It's true when they say "All good things take time". But it was well worth the wait. We had a cleaning frenzy this past weekend. While they cleaned, I snapped pictures :)

I really only needed one picture of Kolt, but the steam from the pressure washer made a really cool effect, so I'm sharing 2 pic's :)

The kids worked so hard! Jake's feet hurt for 2 days, and Kolt had sore muscles in his neck and arms. They are such good help!

Yes, you are seeing correctly. I finally caught Brian working ;)

That was the rink part. They were pressure washing the synthetic ice surface. These next pics are of the gym. It is attached to the rink. We made the signs with the router. They turned out so great! This wall is 60' long, so I had to do it in 2 shots.

The next picture is at the back of the gym looking to the front. On the front right side of this picture is the skating treadmill. I thought I had pics of the boys on it, but then realized that I was not using my camera when I took those. I'll try to get some when they are on it again.
Look who finally snuck into the picture. She was doing everything she could to get in them.
This wall is the coolest. It's my favorite part. It's the wall behind the skating treadmill.

There are two dressing rooms...

Oh look! Finally a picture by herself. While we cleaned, she was drawing - this is the picture, and of course her baby.

Jake's team came out for training last night. I forgot my camera, but it was neat to see the facility full of kids. They rotated through stations and Jake claims they worked him hard. So that was good!
It's nice to have one project done to completion. We will have a grand opening at some point, I'll keep you posted, we'd love to have you over! Or stop in for a visit to check it out. We are very proud and love to show it off!!


Leanne Grenier said...

Love it. I had no idea you guys were working on it.
And it's funny cause I was just remembering I have some skates that I would like to get back on.
You should hold a free skate for us that aren't so good. The boys would show me up for sure.
That is way to cool, and the gym way awesome.

Anonymous said...

Mike will enjoy that picture of Brian working since he has wondered when and if he ever works!! :) lol
It looks great, can't wait to see it in person!! Looks like it will be a lot of fun of the kids!