Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas and other Things

Hello, hello....... finally, I am here to post. I have had some serious camera problems lately, BUT, I got a new camera for Christmas -- and I LOVE IT! So now there will be plenty of pics and things to post. So long as I can keep up with myself

I can't even remember what I haven't missed......there has been so much going on. We have had 2 weeks solid of Christmas parties, it's hard to be so popular ;)

I guess I'll just start posting pictures, with some commentary on the way.

Time is limited because our Airdrie Hockey tourney is on this weekend. I don't even have time to put everything in order. But I do want to get this all up and posted, so here is the best I can do for the time I have.

I haven't even told you all about the fantastic mostly indoor rink Brian built for himself, I mean the boys. It's been awesome, really really awesome. They spend hours playing, pretty much everyday. What great Daddy bonding time. What super lucky kids. We had a Boxing Day party, and I snapped some pics of it and the bonfire we had.

Christmas at Wayne and Sandy's. Made the kids stop to pose for a pic with Great Grandma Olive......we even got her to smile, sort of.

I was on a mission to take christmas couples pictures this year. I missed a few, like us, but here is the great pic I got of Wayne and Sandy.
Wayne cleared off one of the 6 ponds up at the farm in Olds for some Christmas skating. That was really fun. Here's Kolt...

And Reagan...... And Jake......

A couple's pic of Julie and Reg. Totally out of order - they weren't at Wayne and Sandy's at all, but at our house for Christmas morning when I took this.

Awww, here was Papa giving little Drew a ride on the chair cuz she didn't bring her skates.

Julie with the boys on Christmas morning

Couple's picture of Mom and Dad

The boys with their favorite gifts this year. Their new replica jersey's. Kolt's is Phaneuf, Jake's is Crosby. Thanks to Auntie Julie for being the gift giving hero!

Drew on her rocking horse. That kid is horse crazy right now!

Drew with "Pinkie Pie" and her new baby.

Brian got 2 lumps of "coal" in his stocking. That Santa cracks me up!

Just what I thought was a really cute picture of Drew I wanted to share.

Alright, off I go to watch my 7th hockey game in 3 days. My boys have played like Super Stars. I'm again, so very proud. See you soon. Hope you all had a great Christmas!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Return of the Lost Camera

Brian has picked up my camera and is en-route with it. Today or maybe tommorrow, I will be posting a plethora of pictures. Stay Tuned.......

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Camera Problems

Well Hello! Long time no post!

I'd love to say that I haven't posted because we haven't done anything other than chill and relax at home all day, all is well, and I have had nothing to say. But I would be lying, and who wants to read a bunch of B.S. anyway?

The bad news is, that I left my camera at Wayne and Sandy's the other night, so I can't post any new pictures today........but I thought an update is necessary, before I start forgetting what's happened. Besides, the last pictures were of Hallowe'en, so clearly I have been slacking even though I promised I wasn't gonna do that anymore :(

Let's see........for starters, Kolt's team finally started their games - they've had 4. They are playing 1/2 ice for now. He has been keeping track of all of his goals, and so far has scored 19! Holy smokes! He is doing fantastic - and loves to play.

Jake had his first tournament of the year in Crossfield in November, he scored a couple of goals, but most importantly, he got the tournament M.V.P. for our team. That was pretty cool as he is playing mostly with kids a year older. He LIVES for hockey, and when he plays like he lives for it (which is becoming more and more regular), he is incredible to watch (from a strictly prejudice point of view). They have had him playing center, and he loves the face offs........the last game they switched him to defense and were impressed with him there too. I could go on and on......but I'll save it for after another game or 2.

Brian's Granny passed away last week. This is a picture of her with the kids from when we visited her in September. Thank goodness we went to see her then. She passed peacefully in her sleep at 89 years. She had a fantastic life and was loved by so many. I think final count was 5 children, 17 grandchildren, 26 great grandchildren, and 4(?) great great grandchildren. Needless to say, the funeral was huge, and mostly family. It was nice to see everyone, as there are too many of us to get together very often.

Sometime in November, we went to the Leukemia and Lymphona celebrity waiters luncheon. They have a silent and live auction, and as a table you dress up in a 'theme'. We went as cowboys and indians. I was a cowboy. Anyway, they have a game that you pay $20 to play. It's called heads or tails. So everyone stands up and they flip a coin, and if you guessed the flip on the coin properly (by putting your hands on your head or your tail) you stay standing and everyone who's wrong sits. My guess is there was 2 or 300 people playing. I made it to the final four where you have to go up in front of everyone and finish the game. So for the final flip, I picked tails and the other 3 picked heads, and I won!! I won a hot air balloon ride! I probably won't do it until summer, but I'm so excited!! I've never been on one before. Click on this link to see the proffessional picture from the event where we are all standing there with our guess as to heads or tails.

At Jake's tournament in Crossfield I also won the 50/50 draw, and a pair of Flames tickets to see the Flames/Anaheim game on Dec 29. (They are lower bowl......$ 150 tickets.) So I'm NOT going with the "things come in 3's" thinking, and I'm going to declare that I am on a lucky winning streak -- so watch out -- I'll be posting my winnings as they come in ;-)

Monday of this week, Wayne and Sandy had a small gathering of people, and who made a guest appearance you ask? None other than Mr. Claus himself! The kids were so excited, I will post the pics when I get my camera back.

Also, we had a suprise Birthday party for Julie on Monday night. FINALLY, we surprised her. Mom was taking pictures that night (because I had just forgotten my camera), so I'll get some off of her, and put them up.

I think that fills in some of the gap. We have a plethora of Christmas parties to go to this week and next. It's hard to be so popular :)

Check in with some pics when I remember to get my camera back. Until then, I hope everyone is safe, healthy and happy! Lot's of love to you all! Leave me some Christmas Cheer in the comment section if you like.....