Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hockey Super Star

Well, Kolt had his first 2 hockey days at his hockey camp last week. He did very well. He really enjoyed it. That's good cuz I wasn't honestly sure that he would. His favorite parts were the game Star Wars, the scrimmage, and skating (forwards and backwards). So I think that was pretty much everything! I'm going to try and get a clip of him in the scrimmage this week, but for now I have 2 video's to show. The first is of him practicing his stick handling.

This one is Kolt just skating around (do you think he's using his stick for balance at all?)

Finally, I wanted to thank my 4 commenters! Thanks for being a part of my fun - and thanks for coming to visit. For those of you that haven't commented - it would sure be nice to know you were here. If you haven't figured out how to do it yet, you will see under this post, a link that shows how many comments there have been. Click on it, it will come up with a box to leave your comments in. I don't think you actually have to have an account to leave a comment. You should be able to choose anonymous under the "choose your identity" spot. Just sign your name to your comment, then click on the "publish your comment" button. Now you're done, that's it, that's all!

Thanks for taking the time to check us out!



Anonymous said...

OK Jodi, here goes my attempt at leaving a comment. Of course I am checking in all the time, how else would I ever see the kids, we are all so crazy busy right now!! Love the videos. Drew running through the sprinkler is too cute and Kolt, your skating is amazing. How did you get so good so fast?? Jake, I am waiting to see your new flip on the tramp on here. Let me know when it gets posted.
Love to you all
Mom (ma)

Sabrina Oakey said...

Your doing amazing Kolt!! Keep up the good work!

The Oakey's

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi,

I am glad you have finally explaned how to do this. I am enjoying your blog.