Saturday, August 30, 2008

3 Doors Down Concert

Last Saturday, we went to the Hinder, Stained, 3 Doors Down Concert. 3 Doors Down were surprisingly good. I expected it to be an OK concert, but they were really enjoyable, and put on a great show. They have a new song coming out that I really enjoyed called "Let me be myself" - here it is if you'd like to listen......


Friday, August 29, 2008

Camping with the Bohnet Family

Well hello!

I better be careful, or I may get back on a roll with this blogging thing! Brian and I were just scrolling back through the last year of posts. Am I ever glad I started this blog. To see how much the kids have changed, and all of the things we have done is incredible. If any of you out there think you should start one too, I definitely recommend it. Then we can link blogs.....I've always wanted to link blogs with someone ;)

I have a bunch of pictures from camping. It's been hard to pick which ones I want to post. We left on a Tuesday, Brian took us to Red Lodge and stayed that night. He then went home because he had the HOOTER's golf tournament (poor guy, I know), and the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce Golf tournament to go in. He came back up for Friday night, and brought us home on Saturday.

It was a fantastic week. Those Bohnets were so great to us. I was a little short on food, and so we just ate all of theirs. Shane did pretty much all of the cooking and the kids played famously together. Here's the pics....

This was the water where we played. The reflection was so pretty, I took a picture.

If you knew how much of an issue bum crack is in our house, you'll appreciate this next picture.... Since low rise pants became the style, I seem to have a little bum crackage occasionally (or you know, every time I bend down, bend over, squat, sit on the floor etc..). Brian has taught the boys to come and poke my bum with their sticky little jam hands. We have taken endless pictures of the boys bum cracks, but Brian always seems to get by without any crackage. This picture is priceless....and kinda cute too. The indian really comes out in Jake in the summer ;)

Brian, Shane and and all the boys spent hours throwing rocks trying to hit different objects in the water - this is Jake in action.....

Shane and Corina's son Reid.....
The third day was a stinkin downpour and freezing cold. When it would let up to a "rain" as opposed to "downpour" the kids would venture out to play and get rid of the cabin fever. Kolt spent hours playing with Travis's army guys. Unfortunately, evey time they ventured out too far, the down pour would start again, and they would come back absolutely soaked. You just can't pack enough clothes to make it through a day like that.

cute picture hey?

Finally, after not being able to really do anything all day, we loaded up and went to the little cabin. Shane brought the BBQ and built us a fire - it was a great thing to do, we had some much needed warmth, some room to move around, and some new scenery. Look at how soaking wet Jake's sweater is..... we were all that wet..... but very happy in our cabin...Fireman Shane, building a fire......

We did a photo shoot with Drew to pass the time, here is just a couple of the gems.....

This is what we looked like by the end of the rainy day........

The next day, the weather was beautiful again. Lisa and Reagan came up to play for the day - here's 3 of the little people sitting around the fire...

All in all, it was a terrific camping trip. Thank goodness for Shane and Corina, Shane was my surrogate husband (he said it wasn't quite what he imagined having 2 wives would be like - he worked his butt off - with no reward - poor Shane....). I was ready to go back camping 2 days later, but couldn't find anyone to go with. So we stayed home and worked on the house some -- that's good too.....


Monday, August 18, 2008

A little bit of this and that...

Well, it looks like if I had a million dollars - Digger would win it. Guess what buddy?? You are my new best friend :)

As for pictures of the house. I can't take any today - it's very messy. Unfortunately, all there is to see is paint and walls. I'm still waiting for my kitchen cabinets, office, main bathroom, new furniture. I'm sure it's all coming - all good things take time right? Well Stanley is a good thing, so I guess he's gonna take some time.

Meanwhile, I thought I would post some random picture's of the goings on in our world....

First of all, Drew got her first bike. It's a "heartbreaker" bike. Seemed suitable for the little darling. Man, she is a go-getter! At first she could pedal, but not steer, or steer, but not pedal. She seems to have the hang of it now, but has figured out it is much more fun if someone is pushing her - we're trying desperately to break that habit, but so far, its not working. So we take turns catering to our princess!

Here are a few pics of us out on our golf course. It has provided us hours of entertainment, not only that, but really improved our short game (and the boys long game). Watch out Tiger, here comes the Tebb-tuplets!

This is a cute story.... The boys wanted pancakes one morning, so I told them sure....go ahead and make them yourselves. This is the recipe on the back of the box. It calls for a cup of milk, 1 egg, and 1 1/4 of the pancake mix (no we do not make them from scratch).

So Jake came up to me, and asked me if this cup was full enough to use or if he needed more milk for the "cup of milk". He can be a trickster, but he was dead serious - it was sooo cute! Guess we have some more work to do on our homeschool cooking classes :)

The kids sure love Meeka. She has turned into one very special dog. The kind you just don't come across everyday. This is Drew hugging her good morning. She goes everywhere with the kids all day long, and Jake spends a lot of time playing catch with her and scratching her.....

Here is a pic of the 3 of them....
Awww, we got the ponies home to our place finally. They are sooo cute! The one on the right is "Label", she is the mommy, and "Sable" is the one on the left. Sable is 3 now, but Label is her mom. The kids ride Label all of the time, but Sable is yet to be broke. Jake hopped on her on a whim once, and she bucked all the way across the pen until she launched him.

Jake has started mowing grass this year. He enjoys it and has been doing hours of it. He does a fantastic job.
Brian took the small overhead garage door out of the garage, and built a man door and window. He enclosed a little room that the doors leads to, so it looks great, and now he has a space to turn into the office, which means he moves out of the house soon - Hallelujah! We are both too messy to try and share an office - it's mass confusion when we do.
That's all for now. We went camping last week, I'll try to post some pics of that soon......hopefully construction on the kitchen will start soon, and I'll have some pics to post.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

If I had a million dollars.....

If I had a million dollars, I would pay people to be my friends and write little comments on my blog :)

Just kidding, but it is kinda disconcerting to think I come on here to blab away to myself all the time, never knowing if anyone else ever comes by?!?!?! Not that I'm unhappy to blab away to myself....

We are having a fantastic summer! We love, love, love living at the farm. All of us. The kids are in 7th heaven, and to be quite honest so are we. What we have noticed is that we are so tired all of the time right now. We sat down to figure out why, (well not really - but it sounds good, doesn't it?) and we realized that we just work away at the place from dusk till dawn. We were doing it without even realizing it. There is so much to do on the farm isn't there? We are going to have to start making a point of sitting down and taking a load off more often - this is crazy to be so tired.

We built a little golf course in the back around the bins and become even more golf -a- haulics. Admittedly, it has been fantastic for me. Brian has become a really good golfer since I've been at home having babies and looking after babies.... so it's given me a bit of a chance to get going too. I love it! My body is having a hard time keeping up, but that's ok - lot's of time to heal at the rink in the winter! The boys have been golfing lots too - I love how natural kids are. They can just walk up and whack the ball 150 yards without hardly any preparation at all. I'll be getting some pictures up soon.

Jake fractured his finger at Wayne & Sandy's last week. He was going on the slip and slide and somehow hurt it. They originally said it was just a sprain, but today the doctor phoned me back to say the radiologist found a fracture on his finger. It's been really swollen and bruised, so I'm not surprised. Unfortunately, it has been a little depressing for him. He's such a go-er, that it makes him sad to be on the sidelines :(

Well, that's all for now - time to go pick up those boys - they had a sleep over at the Morrison's last night.


Friday, August 1, 2008

Beach Day!

I try to get the kids up to Sylvan at least once in the summer. We managed to get away this past Tuesday. It wasn't a real easy trip up - we were a part of an accident on the highway (long story), and my van's oil pressure went down and it stalled on hiway 11A. We did make it there in one piece (somehow - not entirely sure how, but I'm grateful that we did), and had a very enjoyable day in spite of the events leading up. Here's some pics........

They decided to bury Jake in the sand. Yes those are very carefully sculpted boobs on his chest.

Drew took the opportunity to dump some water on his head while he was buried....

Playing in the water...

Ooops, meant to put a better picture of Kolt up here - sorry hunny!


We've FINALLY moved

We moved to the farm on June 24. What a busy week that was. 2 Days after we moved in, the hockey team (or part of it), moved their holiday trailers onto the farm for the final hockey tourney.

I haven't got any pictures yet, I'll try and get some up soon....



Lacrosse is long over, but I wanted to get some pics up for the season. Brian coached the tyke team this year, and both Kolt and Jake played on the team. It was pretty neat to have all 3 of them on the same team, and will probably never happen again. I didn't want to leave it out.

These are some pics I snapped while they were doing warm up drills before the game, first is Kolt, then Jake, the the coach.

Drew at Lacrosse - she got tired of watching and I spent most of the games watching her instead of the boys.

It was a stressful season, only because we were so busy. In the end, it was really good. Brian began to have some fun with the team, and in the final game Kolt got his first penalty. It wasn't just any old penalty either. It was a 4 minute penalty - and he couldn't have been more proud. The smile on his face going to the penalty box was from ear to ear. Now he wishes he could get penalties in hockey too :)