Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Surprise trip to DisneyLand

We decided to take the kids to Disneyland just before Christmas Break. We didn't tell them we were doing it. We did tell them we were going to Nana and Papa's in Phoenix. So when we borded the plane that's where they thought we were going. Little did they know there was a pit stop...

Jake did ask why we were bording the plane that said Los Angelos instead of the Phoenix plane. Brian told him that they sold out the plane to Phoenix, so we would have to go to Los Angeles and then drive

On the plane we were split up. The boys were sitting with a young man. He was nice and tried to make conversation with the boys. So he asked them if they were going to DisneyLand? Jake said "No. We are going to Phoenix, but that plane was full" Brian overheard, and said the look on the guys face was priceless. Needless to say, he didn't try to make much more conversation after that :)

Reg & Julie met us there. They actually had a day under their belt by the time we got there. They also surprised their kids with a trip. That was the Christmas present. So we had 7 kids in all - which made it a lot of fun!!

They decorate sooo much for Christmas. I can't imagine how many man hours it takes! Its beautiful, and really incredible. Here is a pic of one of the streets...

This was our first ride, the Buzz Lightyear ride...
Here's my beautiful Drew...
Waiting outside the Haunted House
I think Toon Town is so neat...

The very first character we ran into. Getting the kids to pose with Jesse was like pulling teeth, but they caught on after a few.
Dakota, Tate, Zane and Morgan with Jesse
We found Mickey!

These are clearly just a few hilites. Our days were jam packed with activity.... Good fun - not very restful - but good fun just the same


Hi Lites of The days at California Adventure

The next day we headed off to California Adventure. Brian and I had never been, so weren't sure what to expect. Here's the gates...

We did a few rides, and the kids wanted to go on California Screamin...

So we split up, and Julie Drew & I went to find Santa, and this is the picture in front of the christmas tree and below is present we got!

When we found everyone again, they were just getting off the Maliboomer. Not sad I missed it!

We stopped for a shot of all the kids we were draggin around... Drew was being difficult
In another part of the park, we found some rides better suited for Drew, here she is with dad in the lady bug ride...

It was a bit of a long day, so the big kids headed back to The Tower Of Terror for the second time, and Julie and I went for a walk. Drew fell asleep and we ran into Goofy...
So we got a picture with him!
On the last day in Anaheim, The Hansons had left, and we had one day of passes left. So we went back to do our favorite stuff. The place was packed, so we didn't last long, but we did manage to get a family picture with Minnie!
And we had just sat down to have some smoothies, and Drew lost her shoe. Out of nowhere Mickey walked up to her and found her shoe and put it back on her foot for her. That was really cool because usually its very hard to catch up with him
We also found goofy. Brian was getting tired by this point and didn't feel like being in family pictures, so he played photographer...

At the end of it all, the boys and Brian like California Adventure the best. It was the favorite. And when they are done all of their construction, its going to be even better. There were lots of rides that were too big for Drew, so it was a tough day for her, she didn't appreciate being left behind, but I'm sure when she's bigger, she will love it there. She's a ride junkie :)

Universal Studios...

On the last day the Hansons were there, we headed to Universal Studios for another fun filled day of rides. Unfortunately, Drew was too little for many of the rides there, so I took a pic of my boys, and sent them off to haunted houses and such...

Drew and I went on a photo shoot - I have no idea who this cute little mouse is, but Drew, still loving the mascots, went in for a hug anyway :)

Dora... look at the size of her head!!

We found the dream machine...

And then Shaggy and Scooby

And Shrek

Don't we look just like Fred & Wilma? You can hardley tell we aren't the real thing :)

And here's Sponge Bob

This is the only full group pic of the whole trip. And I had to blow it up and crop it in order to find us - it was taken very far away - but at least we have it. Funny thing to notice....the Hanson's don't touch, the Tebb's mall each other :)

After that everyone had lunch, then the big kids went to do some more rides we couldn't do, so we signed up for a really cool face painting :)
Here is the progression...

And this was the final product....

Kolt was into doing some poses for me this day, so he got a small photoshoot as well --- boy style :)

We hit every 3D movie, cuz they were sooo fun. The kids looked so cute in their glasses...

Then went on the Universal Studios Tour. Here is the Grinch

And Wisteria Lane off the Desperate Housewives


he kids posing with the Movie Stars... sorta
A final good bye to Hollywood, we snapped a pic with all the kids and myself on the way out

Then exhausted, we headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest...



Monday, December 28, 2009

Sea World

After The Hanson Clan left, we took off to San Diego for the weekend. Now this was the weekend before Christmas, so it was really really busy there. In all honesty, we were kinda tired of crowds and line ups by this point. We probably didn't take in Sea World as best we could, but there were some very enjoyable parts nonetheless.

Loved the seal show

Snapped a pic of Kolt and Drew coming off the play structure

Feeding the bat rays was very very cool

"Behind" the scenes of feeding the bat ray (cute bum crack :))

And the Shamu show. So near and dear to my heart... loved it since I went when I was 8...still incredible

Finish the day off with a log ride. My family had the best expressions!

Got a close up for ya...