Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I had told a few of you I would remind you about the "nickels for Blake" fundraiser sometime throughout the year. Then I thought I might as well remind everyone. For those of you that don't have a clue what I'm talking about, my sister's baby passed away at 3 months of age, 2 years ago this past June. I've included a copy of the email Julie sent out before this years fundraiser. Please click on it to enlarge if you care to read it.


I'm also including the excerpt from the counry 105 Radiothon that Julie did. Some of you got it via email last year, and some of you didn't. Now everyone can hear it if you like. It's quite powerful - make sure to break out the tissue's before hand.

Julie's, Nickels for Blake, goal last year, was to raise $5000.00 for the Children's Hospital. When all was said and done, she deposited $9055.64. It turned out the money was used to buy a Genetic Testing Machine, and there has been a plaque placed on the donor wall at the new hospital that says "In Memory of Blake Giles"
So this is your 6 month reminder. Keep on collecting your nickels so we can be bigger and better and help more people for next year.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good Friends

This post is dedicated to all of our great friends we have. These last few days, I have been thinking about how fortunate we are to have so many great people in our life. It doesn't seem to matter where I turn, I am meeting all sorts of fabulous people. I have never before had so many great, great friends. Thank you all so much for being who you are, and being a part of my life. I love each and every one of you.

This weekend was another fantastic example of great people. We had so much fun! All the girls were really productive and got lots done. Everyone except me, I was too busy chatting and enjoying their company :) We had the best group of girls. I love it when everyone gets along, has fun, shares ideas and all their stuff. There were no judgements, no deadlines or timelines, just good old fashioned fun and good times. What a great way to spend the weekend.

The five of us went to the Bloomin Inn in Pincher Creek. It's a scrapbooking retreat. You leave on Friday and they feed you supper, 3 meals on Saturday, and breakie and lunch on Sunday. The rest of the time, you Scrapbook. The place is so nice. It has great energy, partly I think because it's in the country. There is beautiful scenery, and the weather was gorgeous (not that you spend any time outside, but if you wanted to you could). The people who own it and run it, are so warm hearted and welcoming. It's the perfect setting for a fabulous time. I've put together a little something to honor the girls from this weekend. Thanks girls, it was just what the doctor ordered......

Thanks to ALL of our friends..... we are so grateful for each and every one of you!


Monday, September 10, 2007


On Thursday Kolt had his first day of kindergarten. He's going to go to Kindergarten and then homeschool in grade one. I tried talking him into homeschooling this year and he told me, "I'm going to go to school until all my school is done and then homeschool in grade 1". How do I argue with that? He has to be at the school for 8:15. That is so early to have 3 kids out the door. I'm still driving him. At least until I know for sure he has the hang of it. Then I will ask our neighbors if he can walk with them. Or until we move to the farm and he takes the bus.
As you can see in the picture, he is considerably taller than most of the kids in his class. There is really only one other boy that is his height. My goodness is he ever a big boy! That is his teacher Mr. Milford at the front of the line. He has the same teacher that Jake had.

Kolt and I had a date on Sunday. We went to Spruce Meadows to watch the jumping. It was a great day for us. I really enjoyed watching Anky van Grunsven doing a dressage demo. I've seen her there for the last couple of years - she really is something to watch. This clip is really long, if you are only going to watch part of it, watch the last 2-1/2 minutes - it is the best. FF to about 4:30 or so. You will see one stride lead changes that are just incredible.

On Friday, I leave for the weekend to do some scrapbooking with the girls. It will be a great weekend, I'm sure. I'm really looking forward to it. Catch ya next week.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Big Dog teaches new dogs tricks

I said I would post the flips the boys were doing, and then never did. So here they are. This first one if of Brian (big dog) showing them how it's done

Not that bad for a guy who's almost into his 30's

Here is little dog, trying to imitate.

Here is the "mini-me" dog

And here is baby dog doing a bum drop, cuz it's cute!