Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jake turned 10...

Jake turned 10 this year... wow! Every year I think, how am I possibly old enough to have a kid that age, and this year I am saying it again...
10 seems really old. Now his age is double digits for the next 90 years. And just look at him in this picture, he looks big. There is no more little boy there...

It's a great age, and yet it's kind of an awkward age. He doesn't want to go everywhere I go anymore, and yet really he isn't quite old enough to just stay home.
To be honest, I don't want him to just stay home. How is that better than coming with me anyway??

We also moved on from the big birthday party with all of the kids this year. He's just a little too old to have a group of kids bring him a bunch of presents and make a circle around him while he opens them... So he was allowed to invite a few good buddies, and we woul take them to do whatever he wanted. So he invited Jaxon, Dedo, and Rhino and of course Kolt. Dedo was out of town, so I had only the 4 boys. We went go carting and played laser tag. Had some Tom's pizza, and then the boys all stayed over for a couple of nights.

Julie was taking a cake decorating class, so she offered to make Jake a cake. This is it below, it was AWESOME! She picked number 12 for the jersey, because that is typically Jake's number when he plays hockey and those are Pittsburgh Penguin colors, his favorite team.

Sure glad Auntie wants to do those things for my kids. Let's face it, trying to tackle that with 3 kids is a recipe for disaster!!



Kolt at Tournament of Champions 2010

Kolt has had a great year playing hockey! He made the Blue side his first year of Novice. But not only did he make the blue side, he evaluated 3rd overall. Which means out of the 180 or so kids that went through evaluations, he had the 3rd highest score, and he did it as a 1st year. Man that kid is talented - he's so lucky...

Anyway, he tries so hard to be perfect all the time, that his brilliance doesn't show up in every game. But by the end of the year, he really was coming on strong. I took 2 clips from the Tournament of Champions in Sylvan Lake this year. The first one he scores a goal. The second one he drives past a kid on the other team, and scores. It's awesome. He's red and wears number 3.