Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Golf Champions

It has been quite a while since my last post. For those of you that have been checking on my apologies. We have been busy (does anyone get tired of me saying that?) so there is plenty to catch up on.

For starters, Brian was in the Killarney's golf tournament the weekend of the 18th. On his team was his brother Greg, the kids hockey coach Jason, and neighbor Matt. They tied for first (if you had seen what kind of shape they were in when they arrived back in Airdrie off the party bus, trust me, you would have wondered HOW they ended up tied for first - hahaha!) Regardless, they played pool to break the tie, and they won! Here is the "keeper trophy" for the Killarney Cup.

I've also added a group picture with "the" Killarney cup. Yes, Jason is wearing a pink Rockstar hat, and yes, him and Brian are kissing the cup at the same time, and yes, that's Greg's arm embracing Jason, and apparently, Brian wanted to make sure everyone knew they were number one (hence the hand gesture).

Oh, and here is Matt. He won a backpack in one of the draws and was sooo darn proud, he wore it around the bar the whole night - so I took a picture as he was gloating with his "cool" backpack and the Killarney Cup. Oh and yes, this was after Brian and Jason were kissing it.

Oh, and here is what my Killarney Cup Champion looked like the next day. Still proud of his cup obviously, but wore out from all of the celebrations (I'm sure the other 3 were behaving similarly - haha!)

All in all, it was REALLY fun. There are so many great stories to go with the day. If you run into Greg, ask him how his ankle is. If you run into any of them, ask them about the stories, they are good for a laugh!

On Wednesday of this week, Brian & I whisked off to Vancouver Island. We came home on Friday. We golfed lot's. The weather was perfect (sunny & 25 degrees). We stayed in Bruce & Jan's summer home with them, it was a really nice time. Mom and Dad kept the kids. It sounded like they had a good time too!

I think that's all for now. We aren't sure what September long weekend will bring, but I'm sure it won't be without some excitement! Hope everyone has had a great summer!


Friday, August 17, 2007

Hockey Camp Clips

Hi Everyone!

Well Kolt's hockey camp has come to an end. It was fun - he really enjoyed it. Kolt has found a new friend. He absolutely ADORES coach Jason. We had Jason and Sabrina and kids out to the farm for a fire after the last night of the camp. It didn't take long before Kolt climbed up on Jason's knee and made himself right at home! For those of you who know Kolt well, this is a little unorthodox. Lately, he has been coming more out of his shell, but mostly, he sticks pretty close to us. It's pretty neat to have such a great coach, that your kids like to hang out with them. On the other hand, I hope crawling on the coach's knee isn't something he does forever :o)

Here is a clip of the scrimmage they played at the end. Jason very kindly let Jake come on the ice also. In this clip, it's mostly Kolt, but at the end you'll see Kolt trip Jake and then they both fall down. It's pretty funny...

Kolt is doing very well. I'm so proud of him. He told me after the 3rd night of the camp, that Jake hit him in the head as hard as he could, and he didn't every cry.
If you know Jake, you'll know it was an accident, but it could easily have happened in the heat of the game. If you know Kolt, it would have been very hard for him to not take it personally and hold it against Jake for at least a couple of hours. It was a big step for him to carry on and not cry. What a big boy!

Jake's hockey camp goes until the end of August on Tuesday's and Thursday's, then we are done hockey until about October (WOW, a whole month break - what will we do with ourselves???).

Exciting news for us this week: I booked our plane tickets to Hawaii!! We leave October 20 and come home the 28th. I'm sooo looking forward to that! That's all for now!


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hockey Super Star

Well, Kolt had his first 2 hockey days at his hockey camp last week. He did very well. He really enjoyed it. That's good cuz I wasn't honestly sure that he would. His favorite parts were the game Star Wars, the scrimmage, and skating (forwards and backwards). So I think that was pretty much everything! I'm going to try and get a clip of him in the scrimmage this week, but for now I have 2 video's to show. The first is of him practicing his stick handling.

This one is Kolt just skating around (do you think he's using his stick for balance at all?)

Finally, I wanted to thank my 4 commenters! Thanks for being a part of my fun - and thanks for coming to visit. For those of you that haven't commented - it would sure be nice to know you were here. If you haven't figured out how to do it yet, you will see under this post, a link that shows how many comments there have been. Click on it, it will come up with a box to leave your comments in. I don't think you actually have to have an account to leave a comment. You should be able to choose anonymous under the "choose your identity" spot. Just sign your name to your comment, then click on the "publish your comment" button. Now you're done, that's it, that's all!

Thanks for taking the time to check us out!


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

August Long Weekend

We had a great weekend! Thursday, we had a little party at the farm with some of our friends off of Jake's hockey team last year. Some of them camped with us out there and some of them went home after.

Digger & Denise stopped by the farm on Saturday for a visit. I took pictures of them while they were here, just to prove they actually came. It has been a whole year since we have seen them. Denise is expecting, and she is gonna have that baby on my birthday! Her due date in Feb 21, but as far as I'm concerned Feb 18 makes better babies, (for sure she doesn't want to have it on Feb 20 - that is Brian's birthday, can you imagine him for your first child??) so Feb 18 it is! That is their cute pug Kylee in between.

Brian was teaching the boys how to do flips on the trampoline this weekend. Neither of them are landing on their feet, but both of them are doing it. It was pretty impressive, learning how to do a flip in one day. I have some footage of it all - will post that tomorrow maybe.

Monday we (we being mostly Brian), cleaned out the 2 shops on the farm. What a job! It is so nice to have it done. Now the boys have a place to play lacrosse or hockey that is inside and lit. They are 2 lucky boys, with all this stuff and room to roam. We are all sure lucky to have the farm - how much longer till we live there? Are we there yet? How much loooonnger?

That is all for now. Kolt starts hockey tonight - we are all pretty pumped. I'll keep ya posted!



(I'm not sure what Kolt was doing in this picture. He wanted me to take it and post it for the blog - so there ya go. This is Kolt driving the quad at the farm)

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Jake was at a hockey camp in Sylvan Lake from July 15-21. It was quite a rough week on him. He scraped his knees the day before we left, he scraped his elbows the first night we were there. He got blisters on his feet from his skates and on the 3rd night he fell out of the top bunk in our holiday trailer while he was sleeping and cut the back of his head open.
The cut on his head was scary, there was lot's of blood. We thought for sure his helmet wasn't going to go on the next day. Thanks to some doctoring, and healing touch techniques Mom had taught me, he was able to finish the week. It was quite a procedure to re-bandage him every day. I bought $60 in extra first aid stuff just to keep him rigged up. Here is a clip of him playing at the end of the week.

Kolt finally gets to start hockey next week. He is in a hockey camp for tykes, that Jake's coach from last year is putting on. After all the Jake hockey hype around here, it'll be interesting to see if he loves it or not. I hope he does, it's so fun to watch. We have made some really great friends from hockey, especially this last year. We were on a really great team. If he's not into hockey, maybe he will be my cowboy (since lately Brian has dropped the ball there). That would be just fine with me......since it really is all about me isn't it?
We are taking it easy this long weekend. We need a break from all of the busy-ness. Watch for video clips of Kolt playing hockey next week!