Thursday, October 30, 2008

A little about me & what I've been doing....

So I have recently determined that I am my happiest when I am either creating or learning. I've found a bunch of new blogs to read lately that are about primitive country decorating, and do it yourself decorating, and craft making etc. I can't stop reading them. I have learned so many new tricks and techniques to make or re make so many wonderful things. I'm completely addicted. I stay up for hours reading forums & blogs. I am awake early in the morning excited about all of the things I want to do.

Here was a lamp I re did. This picture would have been the 'before' picture had I remembered to take one. This is a mini version of the lamp -- it's re do is on the way!

This is the almost finished version. What a difference!!! The best part is that it only cost me a can of spray paint and a lampshade (9.99 @ Walmart).

I would like to dress the lampshade up a little. I've already stained it (it was stark white). I'm thinking about wrapping fabric around the bottom of the shade, these are my three choices..... Which one do you guys like best?

Many more projects to come - I'm so excited to do them all!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Meet the Flames

Last Tuesday the Washington Capitals were in town to play the Flames. For those of you not so up with the hockey world, Alexander Ovechkin, plays for the Capitals. He is coined to be the very best hockey player in the NHL right now.
I found out that you could go to the Flames practices for free, and that sometimes you can catch the visiting team's practice as well. I thought this would be a good day to catch them, and hopefully see Ovechkin practice as well. So we took some good friends off our hockey team down to the Dome and this is what we saw......

This is Ovechkin.....

Here we all are sitting in the stands. This picture is a Kolt sandwich with Cash & Cain Dedominicis on each side.

This is a Jake sandwich with Cole Dedominicis & Drew on each side.

This is Becca & Me.

We heard rumblings around the practice that if you go outside and wait by the Flames parking lot exit, the players will sometimes stop and sign autographs. So we did that too, and this is who stopped.

Very handsome Matthew Lombardi.

New guy Mike Cammalleri

Wayne Primeau

Sweetheart Jarome Iginla - such a genuinely nice guy. (He's handing back Drew's jersey here, you can see her little pink fingernails poking up from the bottom of the picture to grab it)

My personal favorite on so many levels.....Dion Phaneuf (he is signing my shoulder)

Robyn Regher

Craig Conroy. He was soooo super with the kids - what another great guy.

We also met Prust, McElhinney, Giordano, Glencross, Pardy, Moss & Boyd. Apparently, we had just missed Todd Bertuzzi by seconds - next time......

It was a terrific day. We had great fun (Becca & I maybe more so than the kids). The kids jersey's are now covered in signatures, it was all so very cool!