Friday, August 1, 2008


Lacrosse is long over, but I wanted to get some pics up for the season. Brian coached the tyke team this year, and both Kolt and Jake played on the team. It was pretty neat to have all 3 of them on the same team, and will probably never happen again. I didn't want to leave it out.

These are some pics I snapped while they were doing warm up drills before the game, first is Kolt, then Jake, the the coach.

Drew at Lacrosse - she got tired of watching and I spent most of the games watching her instead of the boys.

It was a stressful season, only because we were so busy. In the end, it was really good. Brian began to have some fun with the team, and in the final game Kolt got his first penalty. It wasn't just any old penalty either. It was a 4 minute penalty - and he couldn't have been more proud. The smile on his face going to the penalty box was from ear to ear. Now he wishes he could get penalties in hockey too :)

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