Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hockey in Burnaby

Well, we are so busy with hockey and lacrosse. I look back now and wonder how I didn't have time to post before - we are busier than ever! Just when you think you can't take anymore.....

Now, we are busy and tired. I've been kinda cranky to be honest. A person can only take so much. In the month of May, we will have had 5 nights off from kids sports. Every other evening or day had either hockey or lacrosse something or other. Some of those days we had 2, or 3, or one 4 different combinations of games and practices between the 2.

Lately, I've been feeling bad for Drew. She's gonna have to get by on her good looks in life, cuz that poor kid isn't going to get any attention otherwise. She fights to get my attention during the days, when I am either working on the computer (which is usually), working with Jake, doing laundry, or trying to make an early meal. Then at nights she's drug off to the arena or rink - whichever it may be. She has made some friends at the rink, siblings off of the team, thank goodness. One little girl painted Drew's nails during one of the games -- that was fun!

May long weekend, we had a hockey tournament in Burnaby for Jake's team. The whole team and most of the parents took a bus out --- phew. Let's not do that again.

Here's some pics of Jake from the weekend. Don't forget who made that beautiful logo on the jersey's. Oh and the first picture, is one of the team with Joe Sakic! (he's in the black shirt on the very left - looks like he's trying to get away) His son was playing in the tournament there, on a team from Colorado, so we stole him and got a picture with him at the opening ceremonies. It was a huge hi lite for the kids! Joe grew up there, and they now call him "Mr. Burnaby".

At the end of the very, very long weekend. We ended up "A Division Champs". That means 5th place. We won 5:4 in double overtime. We were fairly pleased with that since there were 20 teams, and many of those kids play together year round. We saw some amazing hockey - especially considering all of the kids were only 8 years old. Quite an experience!

There is so much more to tell......but I'll try and come back to update soon.


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