Tuesday, August 12, 2008

If I had a million dollars.....

If I had a million dollars, I would pay people to be my friends and write little comments on my blog :)

Just kidding, but it is kinda disconcerting to think I come on here to blab away to myself all the time, never knowing if anyone else ever comes by?!?!?! Not that I'm unhappy to blab away to myself....

We are having a fantastic summer! We love, love, love living at the farm. All of us. The kids are in 7th heaven, and to be quite honest so are we. What we have noticed is that we are so tired all of the time right now. We sat down to figure out why, (well not really - but it sounds good, doesn't it?) and we realized that we just work away at the place from dusk till dawn. We were doing it without even realizing it. There is so much to do on the farm isn't there? We are going to have to start making a point of sitting down and taking a load off more often - this is crazy to be so tired.

We built a little golf course in the back around the bins and become even more golf -a- haulics. Admittedly, it has been fantastic for me. Brian has become a really good golfer since I've been at home having babies and looking after babies.... so it's given me a bit of a chance to get going too. I love it! My body is having a hard time keeping up, but that's ok - lot's of time to heal at the rink in the winter! The boys have been golfing lots too - I love how natural kids are. They can just walk up and whack the ball 150 yards without hardly any preparation at all. I'll be getting some pictures up soon.

Jake fractured his finger at Wayne & Sandy's last week. He was going on the slip and slide and somehow hurt it. They originally said it was just a sprain, but today the doctor phoned me back to say the radiologist found a fracture on his finger. It's been really swollen and bruised, so I'm not surprised. Unfortunately, it has been a little depressing for him. He's such a go-er, that it makes him sad to be on the sidelines :(

Well, that's all for now - time to go pick up those boys - they had a sleep over at the Morrison's last night.


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Anonymous said...

Joan I come here to check up on the Glickman's...so keep on blogging good buddy, i was hoping to see pics of the house....hint-hint...tell stanley he is a fag