Thursday, August 2, 2007


Jake was at a hockey camp in Sylvan Lake from July 15-21. It was quite a rough week on him. He scraped his knees the day before we left, he scraped his elbows the first night we were there. He got blisters on his feet from his skates and on the 3rd night he fell out of the top bunk in our holiday trailer while he was sleeping and cut the back of his head open.
The cut on his head was scary, there was lot's of blood. We thought for sure his helmet wasn't going to go on the next day. Thanks to some doctoring, and healing touch techniques Mom had taught me, he was able to finish the week. It was quite a procedure to re-bandage him every day. I bought $60 in extra first aid stuff just to keep him rigged up. Here is a clip of him playing at the end of the week.

Kolt finally gets to start hockey next week. He is in a hockey camp for tykes, that Jake's coach from last year is putting on. After all the Jake hockey hype around here, it'll be interesting to see if he loves it or not. I hope he does, it's so fun to watch. We have made some really great friends from hockey, especially this last year. We were on a really great team. If he's not into hockey, maybe he will be my cowboy (since lately Brian has dropped the ball there). That would be just fine with me......since it really is all about me isn't it?
We are taking it easy this long weekend. We need a break from all of the busy-ness. Watch for video clips of Kolt playing hockey next week!



Christal Holland said...

Okay Jodi, I can now see your huge efforts into this blog, so I'm leaving you a comment so you know that someone finally read it all!! It's great! I wish I could be organized enough....Facebook is as close as I"ll ever get!! Looks like you've had a busy summer....I can't believe how much your little girl has grown up! Very cute!!

Sabrina Oakey said...

Poor little guy!! What a week!! Glad to see he hasn't missed a beat!! Enjoy the blog, what a great idea!!