Tuesday, August 7, 2007

August Long Weekend

We had a great weekend! Thursday, we had a little party at the farm with some of our friends off of Jake's hockey team last year. Some of them camped with us out there and some of them went home after.

Digger & Denise stopped by the farm on Saturday for a visit. I took pictures of them while they were here, just to prove they actually came. It has been a whole year since we have seen them. Denise is expecting, and she is gonna have that baby on my birthday! Her due date in Feb 21, but as far as I'm concerned Feb 18 makes better babies, (for sure she doesn't want to have it on Feb 20 - that is Brian's birthday, can you imagine him for your first child??) so Feb 18 it is! That is their cute pug Kylee in between.

Brian was teaching the boys how to do flips on the trampoline this weekend. Neither of them are landing on their feet, but both of them are doing it. It was pretty impressive, learning how to do a flip in one day. I have some footage of it all - will post that tomorrow maybe.

Monday we (we being mostly Brian), cleaned out the 2 shops on the farm. What a job! It is so nice to have it done. Now the boys have a place to play lacrosse or hockey that is inside and lit. They are 2 lucky boys, with all this stuff and room to roam. We are all sure lucky to have the farm - how much longer till we live there? Are we there yet? How much loooonnger?

That is all for now. Kolt starts hockey tonight - we are all pretty pumped. I'll keep ya posted!



(I'm not sure what Kolt was doing in this picture. He wanted me to take it and post it for the blog - so there ya go. This is Kolt driving the quad at the farm)

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Danelle said...

Hey hun! I just wrote a big long message and it got erased cuz i had no username!!!!:( But basically i said i love ya and miss you!