Wednesday, July 25, 2007

G'monin you widdle wascal

(click on the pic to see it larger)

"G'monin you widdle wascal". That is what Kolt said to Drew this morning. Good morning you little rascal. It was so sweet. Where do they come up with these things? And the way he talks....far too cute! One of those moments I wish I'd had on camera.

This is what the kids have spent most of their time doing when we are home. Jake is on the little quad and he pulls Drew and Kolt in the wagon. Jake mostly drives the quad but Kolt takes a few turns driving too. Drew will stay in there for hours (it's the best thing ever!)

See those flowers behind them? They were beautiful until the hail got to them last night - not so beautiful anymore.....

No, we have not moved out to the farm yet for those who are wondering. We did get a new holiday trailer, and we are mostly living in it out at the farm. It has air conditioning, it has saved us on these dog days of summer I'll tell ya. Can't wait to move out there - we have so enjoyed all of the space. I'm afraid we are quite a long ways away from moving - ....renovations.... (sigh).

Still have lot's of posts from the last week or more. I just wanted to put in what Kolt said before I forgot.



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