Sunday, July 29, 2007

Catch Up

What a busy week!! Rafting down the river was quite an experience I'll tell ya! Our little 3 hour raft trip turned into 6-1/2 hours. Apparently when you have a headwind stronger than the current, it actually can more than double your time - who knew? There were times when captain Greg (Brian's brother) quit rowing, that we actually floated backwards against the current! Poor Guy had blisters on his hands after. It was an adventure, down on the river, no cell phone service, not one other person in site. This first picture of captain Greg, was in the beginning. Cool looking white guy, out rafting with 4 of us Girls.

This is captain Greg at the end of the trip. Totally covered up because cool looking white guy had turned into slightly cranky looking lobster man. He had been desperately smearing on sunscreen for about the last 2 hours before we finally told him to give it up and put on a visor (hahaha!) and cover up with a towel (that totally looked like a dress - hahaha!) What a day!

Man, are we surrounded by love lately. This weekend was our 4th and final wedding of July (we didn't actually make it to one of them - it overlapped Jake's hockey camp). This time it was my cousin Daylene's wedding. It was outdoor at her Mom & Dad's place. We wish them well as they looked very happy together. We did snap a picture of my whole family though - looking quite dapper I must say. New guy on the right is Julie's boyfriend Reg.

(LtoR: Brian, Drew, Me, Mom, Dad, Julie (sister), Reg (Julie's beau), and of course Kolt & Jake in front)

Friday night was the Nickelback concert. We had so much fun! What a show they put on. We've been before, but I think this time they were better - which is saying something. The lead singer is from Hanna Alberta. They were fantastic! I'm leaving you with a video clip of a song of theirs they raised over $500,000 with, for Amnesty International. I love it when influential people do their part for making the world a better place. They can do so much good, so quickly. Very admirable! They had this video playing on the screen as they sang the song.

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