Thursday, July 26, 2007

Discovery Canyon

While we were gone last week we found a little spot in Red Deer called Discovery Canyon. The water was warm (so was the day - 32•C). We could only stay for a couple of hours, but we had a great time. The kids loved it. I've got a video of Kolt tubing I will post later (when I figure out how to do it again, hahaha!) but for now you can see the pics.

Brian and Drew having a mud fight.

Drew being cute!

Jake with his tube

Brian and Drew trying to tube

A cold Kolt sunning himself on a rock

I'm going on a 5 hour raft ride down the Red Deer River today, i'ts supposed to be real hot out! We've got beer and snacks, water and sun, and no kids! I'd be jealous if I were you! This is the recipe for a perfect day!

Be back tomorrow with more pics and hopefully a video.



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