Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lober's Birthday Party at Lake Shearness

We headed out to Lake Shearness for Peyton Lobe's Birthday Party, and camped there for the weekend. Peyton was one of the goalies from Kolt's Spring Hockey Team. As we got to know the Lobe's over spring hockey, we really enjoyed them. Rick is really short, and Anita is really tall. Peyton is Kolt's age, and their daughter Gabby is Drew's age.

They have a boat, so they brought it out and we got to play with them all weekend. It was a great time!

This is the birthday cake that Grandma Lobe made for Peyton. It was the Stanley cup!! It was really incredible. She used something like 14 cake boxes to make it. Incredible!

My kids on the tube

Good times!! The lake is really warm because the Shearness Power Plant uses it as a cooling reservoir. The campground was really nice as well. Not so many trees as I like, but very clean, with a great playground, and a store.


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