Monday, July 20, 2009

Sylvan Lake


We headed up to Sylvan Lake for the weekend to stay in a friends cabin. We have decided that was way too much packing, unpacking and cleaning. From now on we will holiday in our trailer. However, it was still a nice get-a-way for us. And a great way to figure out what kind of holiday you enjoy :)

We were bored at the beach the first day, so Brian and the kids began construction on a very big sand castle. Here it is in the works...

It was a great way to pass the time at the beach. Having some good old fashioned fun in the sand!

Kolt isn't always into 'group projects'. So he snuck off and made this giant happy face in the sand on his own.

Some nice pics of the kids I snapped while they were playing in the water....

The next day, Mike, Denise and Justice came to play

It's always nice to spend time catching up with old friends. And they are so easy to hang out with. Always lot's of laughs and good times :)

All in all, a nice weekend for sure :)


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