Saturday, September 5, 2009

Off to Wasa Lake


Well the kids and I had a holiday. Much needed I might say. We left to Wasa Lake (about 1 hour south of Radium) and stayed for 2 weeks with the White Family. It was a fantastic trip. So good, that I kept forgetting to take pictures! I only have a few from a couple of different days, but at least I got some!

This is a picture of the beach and lake. Isn't it pretty? It was so hot, 30 degrees most days! We were really lucky weather wise.

Brian came and joined us for the last weekend. Since this was the year of the Tebb Sandcastle, it only seemed right that they make one -- here they are working on it.

Looking for minnows....don't think they actually got any? But they did find some muscles and did a lot of diving for them.

On one of the last days that the White's were there, we did a day trip to Creston. We visited Lisa's mom and dad at the Sunset Motel (which they own). We had some much needed showers and did all of our laundry. All the while, Paulette (Lisa's mom) sat and watched the kids swim. What a fantastic day! What amazing people! We did remember to snap some pics this day as well. Here's the kids in the pool

The first 2 pics are Ryleigh White, and Jaxon White. Cute kids! Good kids too. All of our kids got along so well, I don't even think there was a fight.

You need to click on this next picture to see it bigger. Jake was classic in those goggles! That kid provides hours upon hours of entertainment!!

Amazing what a difference a summer in the water can make. My kids have gone from scared of the water - to not being able to get enough of it! It's been so good, and so good for them. I even enjoy the water a lot more now than I ever have!

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