Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The End of November

Phew! November was crazy. I made it through, but it wasn't easy. I feared burn out in the last week. Thankfully, Becca took some things off my plate (what a great friend), and gave me some down time - and I recovered quite nicely.
Today, mom and dad leave for Jamaica. Julie and Reg are there now - the wedding will be underway on Friday.
Here are some pic's from one of Julie's showers.

This one is Julie & Kim Nevada

This one is Julie's new "sisters". The one in the middle is Reg's sister Laureen, and the two blondes are Kari Lynn and Kim, Reg's step sisters.
Tanya Hagel and Julie

And this one is probably my most favorite picture we have ever taken together. We get way nicer pictures since Julie has become a little more snuggly :)
I've gotta admit, I'm pretty sad not to be going. It seems crazy that they would be going to one of my favorite places, for my sister's wedding and that I'm not going to be there. I did send a little piece of us with her, by making sure she had her something borrowed, new, old, blue, and a 6 pence for her shoe.

The "new" is the jewelery mom gave her for her birthday. The "old" is my Great Grandma's wedding ring. The "blue" is Blake's birthstone on the guardian angel I pinned to her garder belt. The "borrowed" is Roxanne's purse from her wedding day. And the six pence was my favorite. I looked it up online to find out the meaning of it. It said among other things - "Carry another valuable object like a different coin, jewelry, or a bill in the denomination of the bride or groom's ancestry". So I thought we would use something that was meaningful. I told the boy's they should find a special nickel. Jake thought they should find one from the year she was born. They ended up easily finding one from the year Auntie was born, and one from the year Blake was born, and gave them both to her so she could decide which one she wanted to carry. It was a great idea, and she loved it too. She told them she would wear them both. So that was nice, at least I got to have a little part of it all.

We had our fundraiser this past weekend for Jake's novice team. It turned out fabulously. I wouldn't have changed a thing about the whole night. The meal was perfect, the guests were fun, the d.j. was spectacular, we had so much fantastic help, and we made a crap load of cash. It was absolutely perfect!

Now we will hit December, and hopefully it won't be quite so busy as November, or December of last year. I enjoy Christmas so much, but it's very hard to enjoy it when things are moving so fast. I'm keeping Becca's kids (3 or 4 of them, not sure yet) this coming weekend, and we've got a couple of hockey tournaments, and some Christmas Parties to go to this month. It will be fun, but hopefully not chaotic! I'll post again, when I find a minute - I have been doing some fun craft/decorating projects lately - maybe I'll find time to share.



Anonymous said...

Awesome post Jodi, good job! Keep them coming, we really are reading them.

Anonymous said...

I finally read your blog after a little dryspell, really enjoyed the updates!