Thursday, November 6, 2008

What's going on?

Well, this week these are my latest projects........ Julie & Reg are getting married in December, so we are throwing them a party of sorts in honor of their upcoming wedding. I am in charge of inviting and food delegating - that is next Wednesday the 12th. That weekend I am working at Spruce Meadows craft show selling candles. The Monday after, Becca and I are having a Quilted Cabin Party - I think I have invited like 65 people or so - hopefully we will have about 20 guests (although so far I only have 5 for sures, and 7 maybes - wanna come?) The next weekend after that I work Spruce Meadows on the Friday again, and then up bright and early Saturday to head to Brooks for a hockey tourney. The next weekend I am part of the planning for our big fundraiser (dinner and dance cabaret style) for Jake's hockey team.
Did I mention we just bought a house that went into foreclosure in the framing stage? We are planning on finishing it in the next 6 month to sell (or rent) ..... Jeepers I'm tired just from typing it all

Here are some picture's from the Hallowe'en festivites

And here are some cute pictures of Drew that I came across.....


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