Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wasn't that a Party???

Drew turned 2 on January 7th. I threw a party together for her at the last minute. Poor little thing, she spends so much time at the rink that we haven't been able to go out and make her very many friends of her own. So I shoplifted a couple of little girls so that she could have a party :)

I made Deb bring her neice Cadi, and Trish bring her neice Luka, they are both Drew's age. I also had Jen bring Emma and Mason, that way we had a big girl here too! The picture directly below is partygirl Luka. Isn't that hair the cutest ever?

This picture is partygirl Cadi. Let me tell you, Cadi has the most beautiful big blue eyes ever. The horse in the picture isn't meant to be ridden. As soon as Cadi saw it, she hopped on for a ride anyway, it was really cute!


Cadi won the most cake on your face contest. Wasn't much of a contest really, none of the other girls made a mess at all. It was pretty boring cake eating to say the least.



Party Girls all playing together!

What's a party without sitting on a few balloons?

Or playing hockey?
This was really cute too. Drew and Cadi were both happily sharing the princess chair and eating strawberries. So I told them to smile so I could snap a picture, and these were the looks they gave me. Little turkies made it look so painful to be sharing....

All in all, it was actually pretty fun. We had 3 pretty tired little girls on our hands by the end of it. 3 tired 2 year olds don't really get along that well. So we bid them farewell, and had a nice long afternoon nap - Drew and me both :)
We have finally started working on the farmhouse again. Here are some intermediate pictures. The top left is the new door going into my pantry, the top right is my kitchen. The pictures on the bottom are my dining/living room. These pictures are after the first coat of paint, so obviously it's hard to tell that it's been painted. But it's beautiful - and I am soooo excited!!

And in case any of you are wondering what's been taking so long to get the house done, take a look at the next picture. Poor Matt....... he has to do everything all by himself because Brian just won't stop drinking beer! (That's not a very flattering picture........sorry hunny)

Hahaha, just kidding. I actually snapped this picture to show the paint difference on the wall. And surprisingly, Brian was standing there drinking a beer! I do have to give him credit though, so far he has done all of the demolition. When the house is actually done, he'll get even more credit because he is building all of the kitchen cabinets himself.

That's all for now.


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