Thursday, January 3, 2008

How are Babies Made?

Since Drew was born, we have had many different discussions about how babies are made. Never yet, have we told the whole truth. When Brian told the boys we were going to have a baby he told them that he had "snuck" a baby in Mommy's tummy last night. Ever since the boys have wondered how exactly Daddy did that. Once, Jake asked me if I felt Daddy sneak the baby in my tummy, I told him yes (cuz what do you say??) And he asked me what I felt? Brian rubbed his chest and said in his biggest, big tough guy deep voice, "pure pleasure son!"

Well just the other day, Kolt said he thinks he knows how Daddy made Drew. He said he thinks that daddy made a baby out of wood, and put it in my tummy and it grew into a person, just like Pinocchio. And Brian said to him, (again is his biggest, big tough guy deep voice) "well, I definitely put a big piece of wood in her!" He's this a family blog? Can I tell these stories?


P.S. We have some exciting hockey news to share, but I need to prepare the post, so don't forget to check back! I've given up on any time frame promises :)

P.P.S. How about the creepy wooden baby picture? He'd give anyone nightmares.......

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