Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas and other Things

Hello, hello....... finally, I am here to post. I have had some serious camera problems lately, BUT, I got a new camera for Christmas -- and I LOVE IT! So now there will be plenty of pics and things to post. So long as I can keep up with myself

I can't even remember what I haven't missed......there has been so much going on. We have had 2 weeks solid of Christmas parties, it's hard to be so popular ;)

I guess I'll just start posting pictures, with some commentary on the way.

Time is limited because our Airdrie Hockey tourney is on this weekend. I don't even have time to put everything in order. But I do want to get this all up and posted, so here is the best I can do for the time I have.

I haven't even told you all about the fantastic mostly indoor rink Brian built for himself, I mean the boys. It's been awesome, really really awesome. They spend hours playing, pretty much everyday. What great Daddy bonding time. What super lucky kids. We had a Boxing Day party, and I snapped some pics of it and the bonfire we had.

Christmas at Wayne and Sandy's. Made the kids stop to pose for a pic with Great Grandma Olive......we even got her to smile, sort of.

I was on a mission to take christmas couples pictures this year. I missed a few, like us, but here is the great pic I got of Wayne and Sandy.
Wayne cleared off one of the 6 ponds up at the farm in Olds for some Christmas skating. That was really fun. Here's Kolt...

And Reagan...... And Jake......

A couple's pic of Julie and Reg. Totally out of order - they weren't at Wayne and Sandy's at all, but at our house for Christmas morning when I took this.

Awww, here was Papa giving little Drew a ride on the chair cuz she didn't bring her skates.

Julie with the boys on Christmas morning

Couple's picture of Mom and Dad

The boys with their favorite gifts this year. Their new replica jersey's. Kolt's is Phaneuf, Jake's is Crosby. Thanks to Auntie Julie for being the gift giving hero!

Drew on her rocking horse. That kid is horse crazy right now!

Drew with "Pinkie Pie" and her new baby.

Brian got 2 lumps of "coal" in his stocking. That Santa cracks me up!

Just what I thought was a really cute picture of Drew I wanted to share.

Alright, off I go to watch my 7th hockey game in 3 days. My boys have played like Super Stars. I'm again, so very proud. See you soon. Hope you all had a great Christmas!!

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