Thursday, October 22, 2009

Babies on The Way!

For those of you that haven't been informed (and to be honest, I'm always surprised when someone new finds out, that they didn't know this information before), Julie and Reg are having a baby, as are Barry and Haley!! Barry and Haley are due March 12, 2010, and Julie and Reg are due April 30, 2010. Babies on both sides of the family. WOOT!! WOOT!! Love that!

I've put a countdown gadget on the side of my blog, because Julie has asked if I would like to come for when her baby is born! Ummm, YES I DO! So now we (as in you and me) are counting down the style!!

We left Mom's one day, and out of the blue Kolt says, "Jake, when my wife has her baby, I'm coming to your house". Jake says, "What do you mean? I'm going to have lot's of kids at my house you know". Kolt says, "no, I just don't want to see it coming out of her private, that's gross, so I'm going to have a sleep over at your house that day" So I chime in...."Sometimes we do those kinds of things for our siblings. I'm going to be there when Auntie has her baby." Drew says, "can I come?", Jake says "me too?". I said "hmmm, I think you may have to ask Auntie that one". So they phoned her and asked. She apparently doesn't want an audience for that - doesn't think she will have the patience for health class right then ....odd ;)

Anyway, I have a couple of pictures of Julie and Reg on the post below, but thought I would throw one in of Barry & Haley. Haven't seen them on here in a while :)




Julie & Reg said...

This is a funny one! How come the kids haven't phoned Auntie Haley yet to see if she would help out with health class??? They are very persuasive, you could get a whole new posting out of that storey too!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh congrats to Barry and Hailey! Very exciting!! I have already congratulated Julie and I'm soooooo very happy for the two of them to become parents together!! :)
Jod, I enjoy your blog and I'm glad that you are back into it!


Jodi Tebb said...

Yes, we are very excited for all of the babies!! It will be non-stop next year as my good friend Trish is having a baby at the end of June! Can't wait for all of the baby snuggles :)

Just found out Cousin Tanya is having a baby next year too!!

Jake has already hired himself as the babysitter. He's counting out his money as we speak!

Guess you're the next one we will be waiting for the 'baby news' from!