Sunday, April 19, 2009


I have been meaning for quite some time to do a post specifically about Drew. She is so cute (as are all children her age), and I have forgotten so many stories about the boys, that I don't want to make that same mistake with Drew. So I'm going to blog about them in hopes that the stories will remain in cyberspace for many years to come.

Drew spends much of her time with my Mom & Dad. Her and Mom have had quite a special bond from the very beginning, as Mom was there all through out the early feeding struggles. She is so picky as to whom she graces with her presence, so Mom always gets her, mostly by acclimation. Dad and Drew are beginning a relationship of their own, not by lack of effort on Dad's part. Dad tries very hard - Drew takes total advantage of it.

One day, Drew was at Mom & Dad's, and she saw that Mom had 2 iPods. So she asked Mom, "Momma, do you have two iPods? And Mom said, "Yes, Grandpa gave me a new one". To that Drew replied, "is that why you like Grandpa?"

Another time, Drew was on her way in to Calgary with Mom. When she used to see airplanes, she would yell, so loud, "AIRPLANE!!!!". So her and Mom started a game of pointing out airplanes. All the way into Calgary and back, they would point out airplanes. One day, when they drove past the airport, she saw an airplane that had just landed. She said, "look Momma, that airplane's walking..."

Drew loves the t.v. show Franklin. And when I say love, I mean completely adore. Would do anything for... So, not very long ago, she had a sleepover at Becca's house. She has finally accepted Becca into her small circle of love. So I asked Becca to please put her to bed at 8:00. So, at 8:15, Becca went to lie down with her, so she would fall asleep. Well, Drew saw this as her opportunity, to solve all of her world's problems. She kept Becca in there with her until 9:30!! She told Becca, "I wov Fwantwin. And his fwiends aw, Beeva, Beaw, Ottaw, Wabbit. And he has a bad word on his hat. And you tids aw my ownwee fwends."

Brian and Drew were wrestling and playing around one day, and she would come and hit him, while he was on the couch, and then run away. Then come back and hit him again, and run away. So, the last time she hit him, he said "oh, now you're toast". She ran away fast squealing, "you can't get me, toasta!!" It really surprised us, cuz this isn't something we have ever said. I said to Brian, "did she just call you a toaster?" and he said "yeah, that's actually funnier than I originally thought" - we laughed and laughed. It was sooo funny - she is so quick!!

Mom called me late one morning on her way over to pick up the kids she was stopping at Tim Horton's to pick up lunch for them. So I asked the kids if they wanted soup or a sandwich from Tim's. Kolt picked Cream of Mushroom Soup, and Jake picked Chicken Noodle Soup. When I asked Drew what she wanted, she yelled "CHINESE FOOD!!!" When Mom picked her up, Mom told her Tim Hortons was out of Chinese Food today, and Drew said, "Awww, but Chinese Food is the best food in da whole world!!" The one thing you have to understand about Drew, is that her favorite food in the whole world changes almost everyday....

Last night I made a roast beef dinner. But the roast wasn't done until really late. We didn't eat until 8:15. Drew wouldn't sit on her chair, so I said, "Drew, please sit on your chair". And she said, "but Mom, I'm just not hundaree right now". I said, "I know hunny, it's awfully late for supper, do you just want to go to bed?" She said, "I don't want to go to bed right now, you just should have made supper tomorrow night, Mooommm"

The stories really don't do any justice written down. It's how she says them, and her expressions that are sooo funny. I need to try to capture her on video, doing some of the things she does. I'm going to try and get a video up of her's very cute - and she LOVES to sing.

She has started gymnastics this month, and is loving it. I may try to take some pics one of these weeks. It's really helping her to come out of her shell.

That's all for now!!


Anonymous said...

Good post Jodi

Too bad we cannot remember all of the so very cute things she says and does. I still think the best one is when she was 2 and after running down the tree line, tripping, falling and trying to carry her rocks, she plopped down beside me and laughing at her I said whatcha doing Drew? and very innocently she said "watching you!" Maybe you had to be there but it was so in the moment and so funny!

Anonymous said...

I totally can't wait until Justice is at that age. I'm enjoying teaching her new things everyday in hopes that she will talk more...still waiting :)...but she's so busy that I don't have energy to remember stories like this from this age!!! I do keep a Justice journal for milestones for #2 to compare so maybe that will help!

Been a while since you've been on Jod....April...tisk tisk!! ;)