Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The Hallowe'en pictures have finally arrived. I didn't get many great ones. The boys had hockey until 6:30, so after getting back home and having supper, we never even went out until 7:30. Makes for a pretty fast picture and trick or treat session.

All went well. It took about 3 houses for Drew to catch on. She politely stood at the door, until she got her candy, then bailed. She ran as fast away from the houses as she did to them. Have I mentioned how darn cute she is?

Drew was a leopard, Kolt a sinster devil, and Jake was a ninja.

A quick update on Dex. He is not all better yet. He's not really sick or in pain, he's just not better. He's had a couple more bouts of colic, a horseshoe nail in the foot, and some swelling on his belly and legs. He is certainly not out of the woods. We are at least having more good days than bad days, and no new ailments have popped up lately. A holistic animal vet is coming to see him on Sunday. He has studied acupuncture on animals for 14 years - hopefully he will come up with something profound! Here is a picture of Drew and Dex, he loves the kids. They have had much time to bond these last few weeks, as we have been out to see him once or twice almost every day.

Alright, that's it for now. Jake has a game at 2:00 at the Plainsmen this Saturday for any of you who would like to come and watch. He scored 2 goals last Sunday at his game. The coach told him they are gonna have to watch out for him next year....he thought that was pretty cool. And at the end of his game on Sunday when the coach asked all of the kids what the best part of the game was, Jake replied that they put lot's of heart into it. What a cool answer. He's such a cool kid
Kolt starts games the end of the month. He told me he's gonna be a superstar. Now I'm gonna have 2 Superstars and a Rockstar. Whatever will we do with all of this stardom?

Hope all is well wherever you are. As always, I'd love for you to leave some comments to let me know you were here.



Anonymous said...

this is my second comment but since yo uignored my first I fele this might be waiste of time...anyways I hate you both for going to hawaii and I hope stanely got an infection from the coral...and i hope you got sunburned...anyways loser talk to you later...I like the blog...so you better not quit it..

Anonymous said...

wow I am such a speller...oh well

Jodi said...

Hey Digger

It's so nice to have you visit! Stanley did get an infection, and we both got sunburns. But maybe, you guys should move to Hawaii with us, and then we could live happily and wouldn't have to be so bitter......