Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Hello everyone!

Well, it's been an incredibly busy last couple of weeks. Nothing out of the ordinary going on, just trying to get into a routine again. Once we are finally settled, there will be more posts :) sorry I've been slacking :(

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I haven't been posting much about Jake, and how his hockey has been going. I was being a little superstitious I suppose. But now, I will fill you in.

Jake set himself a goal, at the beginning of the summer, to make it to the A team in his first year of Novice (the next age division up from where he played last year). Then all summer, he worked his butt off. He was fortunate enough to be invited to a hockey camp, where he got a chance to be on the ice, and log some extra hours. He also had a fantastic coach to teach him the new skills he needed. That poor kid has had to do so many circles, trying to master those darn crossovers! The past two weeks have been evaluations. They make all the players go through the drills, evaluate them on their skills, and finally, they evaluate them in a game. We have been waiting with baited breath, to see if he made it.

Last night we got the call. Jake is on the A team!!! I'm so proud of him. What an extraordinary feeling, to watch your child (at age 7 nonetheless), set a goal for himself - that was attainable, but not easily come by. Then to watch him, work so hard (to the point that he was planning what he should eat on hockey days to maximize his energy level, if you can imagine), and achieve his goal. That was really something. I cried (shocker, I know). He has his first practice tomorrow night, I'm going to try to catch a clip of him out there.

As for Kolt, he also has gone through evaluations. He did fantastic. He was easily one of the strongest first year hockey players on the ice (thanks to dad and big brother getting him out to play lot's last year). And luckily, Coach Jason (Jake's coach from last year) picked him to be on his team. I'm sure we'll have a great year, and lot's of fun :) As a matter of fact, I think I'm on the social committee.

Tyke evaluations are sooo cute. All of the kids are falling down all over the place. From a distance it's like watching popcorn in reverse. They pop down instead of up. They slowly get up, and then fall right back down again. You forget how cute they are, until you get to watch them again :)

Well this has turned into quite a long post, and I don't even have any pictures to add to it. BOORRRING! I'm so sorry, I will have clips after practice tomorrow, and add I will add them this week for your viewing pleasure.


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