Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Hi Everyone

I'm back from houseboating!! What a great trip we had. What a great bunch of girls! Here's a pic of the girls (minus the one taking the pic) on our boat "Richard's Dream". We dubbed it "Dick's dream" - seemed suitable for a stagette! We did lot's of relaxing and tanning (some of us did some burning while everyone else wore sunscreen). I missed the kids and Brian, but not too much (like I usually do). They did great. The biggest hang up Brian had was doing Drew's hair - but it sounds like that even turned out successfully!

Left to Right in Picture: Ceclie (Trish's mom), Heather (Mike [Trish's fiancee]'s sister, Trish, Susan, Me, Jenny [Mike's other sister], Lara and Judy.

Take care everyone. Oh and while we're at it - why don't you post to the comments while you're here. Then I know that all my postings haven't been in vain.


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