Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Lacrosse was a good time this year. We opted out of spring hockey to go back to box lacrosse. In the end Jake still played some spring hockey with the '99s as they were short kids (which was way fun because the 99's started hit hockey this year).

Jake was a novice this year and Kolt was a tyke. The tyke put through a bunch of rule changes, like no hitting, no real game play, no score keeping etc. Bummer for Kolt.

Luckily, Jake's novice team was always short players as well, so Kolt got to play up with Jake's team quite a bit. That was awesome! It's great to have your kids on the same team! And to watch them play together and look for each other - that's really cool! And Kolt fit right in there. He scored some goals, and made some really big hits. And could out run many of the older kids...

Anyway, the whirlwind lacrosse season came and went without me taking 1 picture! Bad mom! But we did at the very last minute put Jake in the Canada Day tournament. We had never been before, but man it was awesome! The teams were really competitive (one from California!), and the tournament was by far the best run tournament I have ever been to. Activites running ALL day long...awesome. They had professional photographers there, and these were the shots I bought of Jake.

He was MVP the first game. And played awesome in the next 2 as well. He really hit it off with the coach, who said he's watched Jake play lots, and it was an honor to finally get to coach him. Then the coach got ahold of me later, and told me he loves the way Jake plays the game. That kid makes his mom soo proud! What a great kid! Somehow he just knows how to make people fall in love with him. What a great quality.

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