Thursday, March 10, 2011

Elnora Brahma Rama

Somehow, this wasn't ever posted...not sure why. We were invited by team mates off Jakes spring hockey team to the Elnora Brahma Rama in August 2010. They also do wild pony races and sheep riding at the Brahma Rama. A bunch of us camped at the Ward's and had a volleyball tournament and campfires. The whole thing is actually really fun. In town in the afternoon they do a bathtub race, there is a saskatoon pie competition, and then everyone goes over to watch the brahma rama.

Our rednecks used a feed trough for the bath tub race...

We brought it in the stock trailer...

Got ready for the race...

And pushed like crazy!! Well, not Marty, he must have been steering???

It was all up hill. Our cowboys were pretty tired after. Our tub wasn't exactly road worthy, so it was a pretty tough push :)

This was Drew's debut in sheep riding. Here is she is pre ride. All dolled up and ready to go.. So cute...... and those chinks! Sure hope she still fits in them this summer!!

If you watch closely at the end, her helmet is plugged full of dirt and when Mr. Rodeo Announcer goes over to undo it, it all falls out and she can see again.

The adrenaline was a little much I think. So here she is with a few tears after. But she said she would do it again. She sure did good!!! What a trooper :)

Kolt went in the wild pony race. Here is a pre run meeting of the team.

Kolt was the one chosen to get on the horse...
But instead he went over the horse :)
And here is Jakes run. There is always so much more action wherever Jake goes. I started watching the run and forgot to follow with the camera...sorry for the lapse in the middle!! If only they had a little more time, maybe they would've got her rode :)

We had a great weekend!! The weather could've cooperated a little more, as it kept raining. But it didn't do much to damped the festivities!

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Deere Digs said...

I remembered you telling me about this but hadn't seen the video!! :)