Monday, February 22, 2010

We missed the torch?!?

So with the 2010 Olympics being in Vancouver, there was much hype and excitement in the area. Airdrie had a huge ceremony to celebrate as the torch passed through. We, unfortunately, missed the celebration due to hockey practice etc. :(

However, the next day the torch was going through Cochrane, so cousin Denise googled the torch map, gave me a call and we met in Cochrane.

The kids and I watched as the torch was passed from one runner to another. Jake was especially dissapointed with the lack of celebration in Cochrane...

So we headed off to McDonald's to meet up with Careen and her kids for lunch. Much to our surprise, in walked a Torch!!!!

I don't know how or why, but we did manage to catch some photo's of all of us with the guy who had the torch (I'm sure he was someone significant, but I have no idea who???). It was neat that the kids got to hold it... it seemed to help with the disappointment :)

This is cousin Careen, with her kids Austin and Kyla

And Denise and Justice
I love how sometimes the most ordinary thing can be turned into something really special.

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Deere Digs said...

You've done good one updates......I've been so bad!! I am happy that we got a picture with the torch as well. How that happened was obviously meant to be! :) Even though we didn't see much of the it running! :) Thanks for sharing